The following materials are available at no cost to schools, child care providers, parents and others by using the form below:

  • SEE TO LEARN® Educational Brochures
  • Spanish SEE TO LEARN® Educational Brochures
  • SEE TO LEARN® Visual Health Cards
  • SEE TO LEARN® Vision Care Records (featuring the American Optometric Association’s Guideline for Recommended Examination Frequency for the Pediatric Patient)
  • SEE TO LEARN® Report Cards
  • SEE TO LEARN® Bookmarks
  • SEE TO LEARN® Stickers
  • SEE TO LEARN® Coloring Sheets
  • SEE TO LEARN® Tattoos
  • SEE TO LEARN® Notepads

If you have questions or are interested in a presentation by a participating optometrist, please contact the Eye Care Council at 1-800-960-EYES or by email at info@eyecarecouncil.com.